Welcome to the Jonathan Kayemba Business Consulting Services, a private social initiative to support SMEs and Youths achieve their dreams through free advice, subsidized training and affordable professional services.

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A Social Initiative where experience scales businesses.

We are a team of professionals from all walks of life in various fields that came together to offer alternative inclusive consulting to businesses and the youth who cannot afford to pay for such services at the current high market rates. We are not a company but work independently under LOGOS, a business consulting firm that specializes in Information Technology services for scaling businesses.
The idea was began by the LOGOS CEO, Jonathan Kayemba who realized a gap for such services, Jonathan running an SME himself and having started the company in his youthful years identified the urgent need to set up an alternative for affordable need based consulting. We are passionate, experienced and committed to what we do.

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Some of our services:

Our Services

Business Consulting

Most businesses are started with limited capital thus run on a strict budget which does not allow them to employ the required human resource necessary for swift management and growth. This means the owners or managers need to outsource professional services in areas like advisory, finance, marketing, HR, CRM which they too cannot afford. We have a wide range of professionals with the required experience and understanding to support these businesses with services within their budgets.

Financial Services

For a business to survive it needs to have the required working capital and for it to grow and succeed it has to have the right systems in place to manage the finances. So many businesses however are struggling with both; not liquid enough and have no internal controls to manage the revenues generated. We are here to enable you become investment ready in order to source funding as well as enable you deploy the right computerized financial management systems and trusted real time reporting features.

Coaching and Mentoring

Most graduates be it at secondary level or University/higher learning institution level lack employable skills unique to the existing vacancies in the workplace and marketplace. This skills gap can be bridged through real life (practice based) mentoring and coaching. We have unique internship/apprenticeship roles and coaching services that can enable the youths find the skills they missed out on in order for them to either get a job or start an income generating venture.

Personal Social Responsibility

We at one point look at certain things around us and wish we could do something, what limits us most times is we think we need to make huge contributions to make a difference or are skeptical about who we are giving to. Some children need what we spend on 2 bottles of beer as fees in one term, some people have hospital bills to meet which are equivalent to what we spend on a lunch date, etc. We can make a difference with the little we have, those coins put together can change so many people’s lives.

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